This is an international, one day and a half workshop in which international experts will present the hot topics in the management of aging people.

Thursday 2nd November 2017
8:15-8:45h. Registration  
8:45-9h. Welcome Pedro Cahn / Bonaventura Clotet
Aging and HIV – Medical conditions Chair: Pedro Cahn
9-11h. Increased and accelerated age-related complications in HIV-infected patients Giovanni Guaraldi
The effects of age and HIV on neuropsychological performance. Jorge Zirulnik
Overall discussion
11-11:30h. Coffee break
Beyond comorbidities Chair: Omar Sued
11:30-13:30h. Frailty, aging and HIV Kristine M. Erlandson
Polypharmacy and drug-drug interactions. Carlos Beltran
Social issues and Specific problems in developing countries Mar Lucas Gomez
Overall discussion
13:30-15:30h. Lunch time
Overview of our HIV aging population: Current and future requirements. Chair: Omar Sued
15:30-16h. Part I – Presentation and discussion of the results from questionnaires collected previously to the workshop.

Eugènia Negredo


16-17:30h. Part II – Expert group workshop Summary and highlights of the discussion A Clinician: Sergio Martini.

A patient aged 60+ years: Edgardo Corts

A geriatrician: Ernesto Martinez Buitrago

A social/community worker: Susana Cahn

17:30-18h Presentation and discussion of the best 3 abstracts Awarded abstracts
20-22:30h Dinner
Friday, 3rd of November 2017
HIV and frailty: what we know and future directions. Chair: Eugènia Negredo
9-11.30h. American and European cohorts of aging Madeleine Durand
Switching antiretroviral therapy to safer strategies based on integrase inhibitors. Gustavo Lopardo
Geriatric syndromes. Beyond the HIV- infected population Ernesto Martinez Buitrago
Overall discussion
11.30-12:30h. Brunch time
Basis of accelerated aging in HIV-infected patients Chair:  Bonaventura Clotet
12:30-14h. Accelerated immune senescence and inflammaging Julià Blanco
The microrobiome in HIV, inflammation and aging Bonaventura Clotet
Neoplasms Beatriz Grinzjtejn
Overall discussion
14-14:30h. Closing remarks. Pedro Cahn