Patient Questionnaire

Objective: To identify the needs of the population infected with HIV older than 55 years old.

The aim of the exercise is to gather the information about the health needs both physical and emotional in the elder population (HIV-infected people 55 years of age or older) to be able to offer an appropriate health management response. The questionnaire covers aspects beyond the medical attention, including patients’ social, physiological and physiological needs and requirements.

Currently, the data collection process is closed. If you want to participate in the study, contact .

Train the trainers

Prior to the workshop, the Scientific Committee will select the “trainees” among those participants from the referral institutions from the different regions and countries participating in the workshop. Side meetings will be organized with the trainees and presentations, reference materials and literature will be provided. Trainees will develop their own presentation materials based on those from the workshop and delivered the course to their peers.

In order to ensure the delivery and completion of the program, a report will be submitted by the trainees to the Scientific Committee along with a feedback questionnaire filled by those trained by the “trainee” and a certificate of completion will be delivered. The “trainees” will be compensated for their time and dedication.

Submission of Clinical Cases

We encourage attendees to present unique clinical cases or different personal experiences related to HIV infected patients and aging. The goal of this exercise is to present singular cases of older HIV-infected patients to generate discussion and share these new experiences and knowledge that arise from daily clinical practice. In this case, we are not looking for abstracts presenting research results, cohorts, or clinical studies, but for cases providing new experiences that would enable to enhance the management of HIV infected aging patients.

The clinical case/singular experience must contain a maximum of 350 words and 1) detail the clinical case/experience, 2) explain the reasons why it is considered unique, and 3) conclude.

The Scientific Committee will evaluate the cases received; the selected most relevant ones will be presented as oral communications (15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes for questions) together with Dr. Bonaventura Clotet and Dr. Pedro Cahn.

Deadline for submissions: October 19th.