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Opening session

Persevering in the face of difficulties | Ousman Umar

From the basic science…

DNA Repair/Senescence and epigenetics | Marta Martín

Accelerated immune senescence and inflammaging | Julià Blanco

The microbiome in HIV, inflammation and aging | Sergio Serrano

… to the tissues and organs

Age-associated neurodegeneration | Dolores Vilas

Age-associated muscle decline and sarcopenia | José Ramón Blanco

Age-associated neoplasms | Valeria Fink

The patient and the real life.

Switching antiretroviral therapy to safer strategies based on integrase inhibitors | Pedro Cahn

The Top5 publications on Aging | Cécile Tremblay

The patient and the real life. Awarded abstracts.

Cardiovascular risk assessment in people living with HIV | Branca Isabel Pereira

Health-related quality of life in aged HIV infected people who injected drugs in Ukraine | Anna Piddubna

The challenges treating the HIV patient whose biological age seems greater than their chronological age | Liam Townsend

Differential diagnosis between stroke and cerebral toxoplasmosis on the background of HIV infection in elder patients | Kateryna Yurko

Individualized and multidisciplinary patient care.

How to improve functional decline? | Kristine Erlandson

How to manage a patient with multimorbidity and polypharmacy? | José Antonio Serra

How to manage neurocognitive impairment? | Elsa Quiñonero


Thursday 27th

Friday 28th (morning)

Friday 28th (afternoon)