This is an international, one day and a half workshop in which international experts will present the hot topics in the management of aging people.

An application has been made to the UEMS EACCME for CME accreditation of this event.

Thursday 27th september 2018
13:00 – 13:30h. Registration and Lunch  
13:30 – 13.40h. Welcome Eugènia Negredo/Bonaventura Clotet
13:40 – 14.00h. Opening session: Persevering in the face of difficulties Ousman Umar
From the basic science… Chair: Eugènia Negredo 
14.00-15:30h. DNA Repair/Senescence and epigenetics Marta Martín
Accelerated immune senescence and inflammaging Julià Blanco
The microbiome in HIV, inflammation and aging Sergio Serrano
Overall discussion
15:30-15:50h. Coffee Break
…to the tissues and organs. Chair: Cécile Tremblay
Age-associated neurodegeneration Dolores Vilas
Age-associated muscle decline and sarcopenia José Ramón Blanco
Age-associated neoplasms Valeria Fink
Overall discussion
17:20-17:40h. Coffee Break
The patient and the real life. Chair: Alan Landay
17:40-19:00h. Switching antiretroviral therapy to safer strategies based on integrase inhibitors. Pedro Cahn
The Top5 publications on Aging Cecile Tremblay


Awarded abstracts

19:00-20:00h. Graying of AIDS exhibit and dinner
Friday 28th September 2018
A meeting with the European cohorts Chair:  Bonaventura Clotet
9:00-10:00h. European cohorts- Round table debate

-Poppy Cohort

-Geppo Cohort

-Agehiv Cohort

-Over60 Cohort

Patrick Mallon

Giovanni Guaraldi

Peter Reiss

Eugènia Negredo

10:00- 10:30h. Presentation and discussion of the results from questionnaires to patients Marta Vasylyev  /  Gordana Dragovic
10:30-11:00h. Coffee break
The patient and the real life. Chair: Alan Landay
11:00-12:30h. Expert group workshop

Experts groups:

– A geriatrician- Jose Antonio Serra

– A patient HIV+ – Diego García

– A health educator – community engagement– Naomi Schegloff

Overall discussion- 5 minutes per group to summarize the key points
12:30-13:30h. Lunch
Individualized and multidisciplinary patient care Chair: Pedro Cahn
13:30-15:00h. How to improve functional decline? Kristine Erlandson
How to manage a patient with multimorbidity and polipharmacy? José Antonio Serra
How to manage neurocognitive impairment? Elsa Quiñonero
Overall discussion
15:00-15:30h Closing remarks. Pedro Cahn  /  Bonaventura Clotet