This is an international, one day and a half workshop in which international experts will present the hot topics

in the management of aging people. One European meeting in Barcelona and a second meeting in Buenos

Aires during 2017, will be held.

FIRST DAY: 24th November (Pau Gil Auditorium)
14-14:45h Registration
Welcome Bonaventura Clotet
 15-17h Aging in HIV disease Chairman: Pedro Cahn and Bonaventura Clotet
Increased and accelerated age-related complications in HIV-infected patients. Giovanni Guaraldi
  Polypharmacy and drug-drug interactions. David Back
  The effects of age and HIV on neuropsychological performance Scott Letendre
  Switching antiretroviral therapy to safer strategies based on integrase inhibitors. Paddy Mallon
  Overall discussion
 17-17:30h.  Coffe break
 17.30-19.30h Overview of our HIV aging population: Current and future requirements. Chairman: Peter Reiss
Results from questionnaires.
Objective: Previously to the Workshop a questionnaire will be collected from patients aged 55 years or over of different centres to identify the needs of this population. Data will be presented and discussed among the participants in this round table.
Eugènia Negredo
Round table Han Nefkens (Community representative)
Jose Antonio Serra (Geriatrician)
Giovanni Guaraldi
David Back
 19:30-21:30h Poster discussion and Dinner (Sala Hipòstila)
Abstracts: Oral presentations.
Objective: The 2 best abstracts will be presented (5 minutes for presentation + 5 minutes for questions). Each will receive a prize, first 1000€ and the second 500€. The remaining accepted abstracts will be discussed as a poster during the dinner time.
SECOND DAY: 25th November (Pau Gil Auditorium)
 9-10:30h Basis of accelerated aging in HIV-infected patients Chairman: Bonaventura Clotet
  Accelerated immune senescence and inflammaging Julià Blanco
  The microrobiome in HIV, inflammation and aging Roger Paredes
  The gut microbiome in frail and non-frail elders Marc Noguera
  Overall discussion
 10:30-11h Coffee break
 11-12h HIV and frailty: what we know and future directions Chairman: José Antonio Serra
  Frailty, aging and HIV Catherine Jankowski
 12-13h Management of HIV drug resistance in the aging subjects. Chairman: Roger Paredes
  Management of HIV resistance in HIV aging patients. Switching to the most suitable regimen.  Daniele Armenia
 13-14h. Lunch
 14-15h New approach to HCV Chairman: Cristina Tural
  Strategies for the cure of chronic and acute hepatitis C infection in HIV coinfected subjects. And after the cure? Jürgen Rockstroh
 15-16h Overview of our HIV aging population: New proposals. Closing remarks. Pedro Cahn